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About The Blue Good Fairy

aka, Maria Cristina

When we had our first daughter, my Husband and I decided that we wanted to teach her healthy sleep habits. She made the experience very easy for us; she was what Tracy Hogg calls an “Angel Baby” and so we thought that all babies were wired to sleep through the night, with little assistance and able to self-settle. We were like those annoying friends that just started a Fitness Plan, we would brag for hours about how good our little one slept and how easy she was following her feeding and sleeping routine.

After three years of long restful nights, we had our second baby. This “Spirited Boy” came around to show us how little we knew about sleep and awake windows, sleep associations, sleep environment and the importance of managing them all.

The beginning was very complicated, to say the least. Even though we tried an approach very similar to what we used with our girl, nothing seemed to work with this boy. At 4 months, he had developed deep-rooted sleep associations that were draining me. Anxiety and depression were taking away the best in me and I just could not afford it. I started looking for help!

I try to remember those days and it seems very blurry, I was so sleep deprived that I cannot remember what happened during those days, just how tired I was all the time. At that point I said, stuff this! I will prepare myself not only to deal with my situation, but also to help others overcome that phase that takes a high toll on Mothers and Fathers all around.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to cope with this situation by yourself, it is not worthy.

Let me help you get your and your baby’s sleep back on track.

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