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Not every child is the same and not every situation requires the same approach. Most importantly, nothing compares to having someone to rely on when things don’t go well, someone to hold your hand during the process, someone that has walked on those shoes and knows exactly how it feels.

Whether you prefer a routine or you go with the flow, and whether you describe yourself as an attached parent or you don’t mind some crying with quick results; I will create strategies for you to suit your parenting style. Your Plan will be designed to cover your baby’s needs and your family’s situation.


Maria Cristina.-

I have always been passionate about the science behind everything and this project was not any different. I wanted to learn how to get babies to sleep but When, Why and How they had to sleep from the neurological and physical point of view, all with scientific based researches.

Certified Baby Sleep Consultant


ABN 98 634 998 863

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