Foxy - The Sleepytot Dummy Holder Comforter
  • Foxy - The Sleepytot Dummy Holder Comforter

    • ​​The Millpond Child Sleep Clinic recommend Sleepytot comforters as a way of helping little ones find their pacifiers/dummies easily at night and return to sleep without fully waking
    • ​​Sleepytots don’t slip out of the cot as easy as a pacifier or dummy does
    • ​​Sleepytots have four paws that can each hold a pacifier/dummy, a teether or other special toy
    • ​​Sleepytots have super strong, baby friendly velcro to keep the paws securely closed
    • ​​Sleepy tots have AU/NZ/EU safety standards 
    • ​​Sleepytots are highly recommended by Sleep Consultants 
    • ​​Packaging - Boxed

      Certified Baby Sleep Consultant


      ABN 98 634 998 863

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